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Barkeep Invites an Order

Barkeep - May 2018

"Hi! What can I do for you?" Considering the locale, a leading question indeed

Woman Sitting in Park

Evaluator - May 2019

Vivienne takes a break from the morning's hectic shopping to see what else she can bring home.

Woman Shopping for Lingerie

Boutique - Dec 2017

Shopping at Veronica's Secret

Woman on Fire Escape

Air Cooled - Apr 2019

A time-honored NYC air conditioner

Woman Faces Home Invasion

2nd Amendment - Mar 2017

Protect women. Arm them!

Woman Presented with a Rose

The Rose - Mar 2019

I found nothing else as beautiful as you

Woman Exits Car Immodestly

Exposure - Aug 2017

Unavoidable immodesty

Assassination by Bikers

The Hit - Aug 2018

Man Attempts Pickup

Bavarian Treat - Feb 2018

No thanks. I'm waiting for Uber.

Woman Posed in Window

Hood Ornament - Jan 2019

Woman in Bathroom

Product Placement - Jul 2022

3D imaging: the cost-effective marketing alternative

Women Arrive for House Party

House - Aug 2017

Man Watches The Godfather

Movie Night - Dec 2018

Hey, Jason! Pay attention or you might get one too.

Nude Man in Chair

Man Cave - Apr 2018

Woman Watching Horror Movie

Streaming - Dec 2019

Oh no! Get out of there! It's not him! She's the killer!

Boy Watches Shadow Figures

Wonder - Jun 2019

Woman Faces Thugs

Sarcasm - Aug 2019

No. I don't have a Lady's Special.

Woman Applies Makeup

Canvas - Oct 2019

Couple Tangoing

Synchronicity - Jul 2019

Outdoor Tango

Entangoled - Jul 2021

Stage Tango

Bravissimo - May 2022

Stage Tangoing

Tango Trap - Dec 2022

Man and Woman Tango

Impromptu - Apr 2019

Flynn paused before the bathroom door. From outside, a guitar strummed an uunmistakable rhythm. She peeked into the alley where a man smiled at her. "Would you like to Tango?"

Outdoor Tango

Tango Mall - Oct 2022

Stage Tango Red

Tango Red - Dec 2017

Stage Tango Silver

Tango Silver - Dec 2017

Stage Tango Black

Tango Black - Dec 2017

Woman Becomes Mafia Don

Mogul - Apr 2020

Antonia - for the man who has everything else

Woman Becomes Mafia Don

Patriarchy - Jan 2020

Daughter ascends to family Don

Model Posed in Grungy Room

Nook - Sep 2019

Delilah proved a real pro and trouper by letting us pose her in this dark, dank, dreary room.

Model on Sandy Beach

Skyline - Sep 2019

Stage Actors

Stage - Dec 2016

Impatient Woman

Dilatory - Jul 2020

You're late.

Woman Posed with Piano

Pianist - Aug 2020

No. Alexia does not play the piano sideways

Woman Relaxed on Sofa

Slouch - Nov 2020

Woman Rushes to Toilet

Urgency - Dec 2020

The last seconds of desperate urgency

Woman Gazing at Skyline

Tanning - Jan 2020

Urban equivalent to laying under a broiling sun

Woman Gazing at Skyline

Tanning II - Mar 2021

A more reflective variant

Woman Gazing at Skyline

Ignition - Jun 2021

Morning Startup

Man Examining House Ladies

The Purveyor - May 2020

His sister had once worked in one and all the Houses considered his arrival an honor. They lacked no shortage of volunteers but selected only the best. Given his clientele, anyone chosen had instant access to wealth and power.

His eyes measured and gauged, analyzed and assessed. He asked questions. Peculiar, odd, bizarre. Without apparent rhyme or reason. None suspected he searched for his sister's killer.

Woman and her Shoes

Body and Sole - Jun 2021

More powerful than a locomotive: a woman and her shoes.

Woman with Red Hat

Hat Tip - Jan 2022

A short piece of Flash Fiction is on the Library page accompanying this image.