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Dragon Whisperer

Ganymede - Sep 2017

In a stunning announcement, the Jovian Moons have added Miranda Logan to the staff thus cementing their position as the Solar System's premier kennels. Let's listen in, shall we, on this legendary whisperer."Hey! Stop sniffing his butt. Get over here."

Woman Enters Club

Friday 2066 - Sep 2017

In 2066, parallel parking is a long-forgotten skill.

Woman Enters Night Club

Friday 2066 - Dec 2020

A larger, updated version of the previous image

Woman Boards Spaceship

The Natural - Nov 2018

"Are you sure?" "Yes, Commander. Sensors confirm it." "Impressive. I've never encountered a natural, unenhanced female."

Woman Boards Starship

The Natural II - Updated Nov 2020

Woman Offers Man Ride

23 Shades of Pink - Mar 2018

Hmmm, he thought. On Time. Chauffered air car. Provocative dress. This could be interesting. Garrett had no idea just how interesting things were about to get.

Captured Alien on Spaceship

Weight of Command - May 2018

"It's a sentient species, your Highness. We can learn much from it. Won't you reconsider?"
"It sneaked aboard my ship, Captain. Three crew members are dead. Kill it."

Spacer Jumps Thru Wormhole

Sought - Sep 2018

"The time is short and the need critical. Are you Daemor? Speak! Are you Daemor?"

Off World Manhunter

Trellion IV - Mar 2021

Far beyond the Empire's frontiers and any known trade routes lay Trellion IV. Founded to establish a simpler life, technology had long since passed it by. But as time surged past the century mark so did the roving gangs of criminals, hoodlums, and thugs. Elite, and fast becoming legendary, the Crimson Band emerged. Everyone knew them for what they were: manhunters.

Women Run From Alien

Container - Feb 2017

On a spaceship, there's nowhere to run.

Women Activate Wormhole

Worm - Feb 2017

Only activate.

Spacers Appear in Family Room

Transported - Feb 2017

Then jump.

Woman Emerges from Bath

Lunatria - Jan 2018

The bi-annual Rise of the Three Moons heralds an eve of ritual bath and cleansing. At first sun, no male may refuse a female's Mating Right.

Sword Held Before 3 Moons

Sword of the Three Moons - Dec 2016

Woman Emerges from Bath

Solitarius III - Sep 2017

After centuries of abuse, contempt, and disdain, and years of quiet preparation, the wealthy collectively fled Earth to found their own colony, Solitarius III. Within two years, the economies of the Terran Guild collapsed.

Scene From 2001

Ascent - Nov 2019

Seven Centuries ago, women seeking to escape the agression, patriarchy, and toxicity of males, settled Shälum V. Now open rebellion against the weak, docile, undersized, and sexually unsatisfactory male population their matriarchical society produced looms.

Authorities have initiated a planet-wide program to identify the most fertile women, who are then levitated to a ship occupied by an imported male and remain until confirming impregnation. The move sparked the eruption of a counter-revolution.

Alien Enters Earth

Temporal - Sep 2021

For three days the world had watched and waited. Nothing else filled the news nets. When the object first appeared, a panicked rush evacuated the downtown area and authorities cordoned off a ten-mile circumference. Overhead, two fighter bombers flew a holding pattern with their nuclear loads armed. Wild speculation over what it all meant reached a fevered pitch but now the object began to glow. Across the world, mouths hung open as a human-like, caped female emerged.

Tamir stepped from the portal. Wary, alert. Around her beams of x-ray, infrared, ultraviolet, sound probed and scanned. None could penetrate her defenses. Ignored were the myriad audio and video transmitters. Her footsteps struck eerie echoes along the deserted street.

She paused, puzzled by a whining, turbine sound. Internal sensors triangulated the source lifting her gaze upward. Atmospheric flyers. With nuclear devices. Primitive indeed, as the High Council had revealed. Born, engineered, and trained for this moment, pride swelled within. Out of only nine Kronos Swords, the Council had selected her.

The people of this planet remained oblivious to their reality. They existed because eons ago a Temporal Shift had threatened her world forcing them to bang a power surge through the fabric of space/time. Ultimately, Earth, a Child of their own time line appeared. Within moments, another Temporal would strike here, threatening to destroy her own world along with everything and everyone she knew. Already, power swirls presaged its emergence.

She waited with the patience trained into all Swords. Tamir had prepared well. Nothing would deter her from the honor the High Council had placed on her shoulders. She would not fail them or her responsibility.

Force fields hummed and vibrated. Tamir began to raise her sword and placed a shield around the signal transmitting this moment across the globe. None could imagine the power about to be unleashed. The power of a Kronos Sword.

Child Enslaved by Aliens

Betrayal - Oct 2017

The Romanticists had finally destroyed Earth's weapons of war and dismantled its armies. For two centuries the world knew peace and prosperity. Then the Morphans dropped from orbit.

Scene From 2001

Monolith - Dec 2017

An homage to the masters Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick.

Hunter in Preparation

Big Game - Oct 2017

The last known image of Adam Westin, a big game hunter on alien worlds who preferred retro-style weapons to make it "more sporting". He entered the worm gate never to be seen again.

Earth's Power Grid Fails

Power - Jul 2018

Across the globe, nation after nation confirmed the presence of a massive object in orbit. Then the power went out.

Mother Earth Holds the Planet

Mother Earth - Nov 2017

Hooded Droid

Droid 2.0 - Jul 2021

Sarcastically called Handmaidens by sidelined females, when the first one emerged, it sparked a revolution. Her sole purpose was not to obey, or comply, or submit. She wanted only to please.

Woman Guarding Air Car

Barred - Nov 2021

On the way to work this morning, where industrial plants and storage facilities line both sides of the road, one had an iron bar fence rising in front. Robots swarmed about unloading and opening crates and containers. Later that afternoon, heading back home, I stopped dead in my tracks. Inside the fence sat an air car.

Still new to the world, I had seen a few high up but never this close. Only billionaires, crime lords, or corrupt officials could afford them. And, of course, politicians who often incorporated all three.

The open gate drew me in. As if from the air itself, a female stepped to the entrance, a gleaming Katana blade hitched to her back. A Katana? Who used such a weapon? An expression of mild curiosity or perhaps amused tolerance gave no hint of danger. Or of welcome. Rock steady eyes, glinting with speed of light calculations, locked onto mine. "Hi. How are you?"

Nothing. No response. Silence. Her steady gaze did not waver. "Cool car. Mind if I take a closer look?" Nothing. No response. Silence. A Synth? Maybe a Droid?

Slowly, ever so slowly, her hand moved to the auto gun strapped to her thigh. Fingers curled around the handle, index finger stretched across the trigger guard. Like her eyes, the hand remained rock steady.

Man and Self

Sentience - Mar 2021

The reflection of self

Two Genetic Designs

Designs - Jul 2021

On this planet only one type of DNA exists. It designed all life.

Female SciFi Assassin

Assassina - Aug 2022

Wife of Luke Skywalker

Mara Jade - Aug 2022

Premier Misknu felt shakened to his core. Here on the Outer Rim no one paid attention to the fortunes and travails of Empire, and yet without warning, Emperor Palpatine had dropped into orbit summoning him for an immediate audience.

When the Sith Lord offered him the Premiership to another, richer world, Misknu wondered if he had heard right. Might those stories about some Force and other powers be true? "My Lord. Scarif is my home. Its people my responsibility. I cannot just abandon them." Only a cold stare and colder dismissal responded.

Palpatine had already decided. Rebel spies had compromised security for the construction of his Death Star on Geonosis. He needed somewhere to finish it and Scarif's remoteness proved perfect. No local Premier with quaint notions of duty and responsibility would stand in the way. His 'Hand', a preternatural Force-adept whose powers matched those of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader, would insure it.

Misknu's nerves hummed. For sure tomorrow would begin with an emergency Council session. He worried over the reaction by members sympathetic to the Alliance. But three Imperial Cruisers accompanying Palpatine posed a provocative threat and limited their options. And why had the Emperor come here? To do what? Time enough for answers. Right now he just wanted to not be late for his daughter's first recital. The rhythmic clangs of his bodyguard's metal boots soothed his jangled nerves.

Indeed. As Misknu turned the corridor, five seconds separated his bodyguard from becoming a metal heap severed in two and him from ever hearing another recital.