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Demon-Caged Woman

Cistern - Oct 2017

If anyone knows what's going on here, please let me know.

Angel Flies Past Couple

Half Mile Club - Feb 2018

This should have been left up in the air.

Man Rescues Caged Woman

Grit - Mar 2018

The less I say about this mess, the better.

Ancient Greek Bathhouse

Bath House - Dec 2016

What's the focus? The bath house or the characters? The question illustrates the problem.

Assassin vs Assassin

Boomerang - Oct 2017

An assassin unaware his target's sister is an assassin. Great concept, pitiful execution.

Scene from the Carmen Opera

Carmen - Jun 2018

Carmen staged in the nude? Whatever.

Vampire Returns Late

Dawn - Apr 2017

Late Vampire burns. Ho hum.

Assassin Ambushes Intruder

Collateral Damage - Oct 2017

Almost but not quite.

Woman and Demon Tryst

Decadence - Dec 2016

A good concept inexperience wasted.

Vampires Feed off Victim

Feed - Dec 2016

Perhaps the stiffest Vampires who ever fed.

Caged Vampire

Caged - Dec 2016

Another good concept felled by inexperience.

Vampire Caught by Hunter

Caught - Dec 2016

An okay early effort.

Woman in Grungy Room

Flynn 1 - Dec 2016

This and the next two aren't bad...

Woman Posed in Lacy Top

Flynn 2 - Dec 2016

just very early pieces...

Woman Sitting Atop Radiator

Flynn 3 - Dec 2016

lacking maturity and depth

Man and Woman Groping

Entangled - Feb 2018

Octopus soup.

Warrior Gazes at Tree

Tree of Knowledge - Feb 2017

This is not so much bad as purposeless

Spies Infiltrate Fortress

Espions - Jul 2017

Sheesh. Even the title needs translation.

Black Model Posed

Growing Pains - Dec 2016

Black Model Posed

Element - Dec 2016

Glowing orb or alien artifact? You decide.

Black Model in Gateway

Regression - Dec 2016

Woman Comforts Dying Wer

Midnight - Mar 2017

Is that a guy in a Wer suit?

Two Women in Mirrored Poses

Mirrored - Mar 2017


Three Women Posed Nude

Triple Threat - Mar 2020

An update of 2017's '3 Of a Kind' in the Provocative section that went nowhere

Achilles and Achilettes

Achilles - Jan 2018

Achilles with eyeliner? Umm. No.

Achilles w/Groupies

Achilles - Jul 2020

Posted here for comparison and also in Historical section

Two Models Posed

Charmers - Sep 2019

An exercise in Color Lighting. A failed exercise