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Woman Shows off Boyfriend

Flaunt - Jul 2019

Some of Alexia's girlfriends didn't believe her.

Woman in Drivers Seat

Fast - Dec 2018

Yeah. The car's fast. But I'm faster.

Woman in Gift Box

Gift Box - Dec 2018

For the man who has almost everything.

3 Women Posed Nude

Three of a Kind - Apr 2018

Always beats a pair.

Woman Adjusts Her Top

Adjustment - Aug 2019

Sometimes a girl just needs a shift and a tug.

Two Women and a Hot Tub

Bath de Deux - Jan 2019

Woman Admires her Lover

Bed Room - Dec 2016

Anticipation: the greatest aphrodisiac.

Woman Fixated on Lover

Bed Room II - Jan 2017

Woman Admires her Lover

Bed Room III - Aug 2020

Woman Posed in Open Window

Bent - Oct 2018

An offhand afterthought I posted to a website for 3D imagers. Much to my astonishment, it has garnered more views than any other.

Seductive Woman in Garden

Garden Spot - Apr 2017

Something about her garden, the air, the heat, the foliage, made Keenya feel...savage.

Woman in Moonlight

Moon Child - Feb 2018

Man With fast Car and Woman

Hurried - Sep 2019

Five minutes from home and nirvana, Jason got pulled over for speeding.

Woman Scratches Woman

Itch - Sep 2019

A little to the left. A little more. Down. Ahhhh.

Man Rushes Home

Breakneck - Mar 2019

Jason's colleagues called him 'Breakneck' for the speed with which he left work at day's end.

Woman in Bedroom Doorway

Brazen - Dec 2016

Shiloh loves being admired.

Woman Posed in Bedroom

Brazen II - Jan 2017

Especially close up.

Woman Posed at Foot of Bed

Brazen III - May 2017

Or from anywhere, actually.

Woman Wakes Lover

Good Morning - Jan 2018

Woman in Marketing Campaign

Branded - Jan 2018

The hallmark of a successful marketing campaign is product placement.

Woman Posed with Whiskey

Branded - Nov 2020

Female Pole Dancer

Meow - Oct 2018

Exotic Dancer on Pole

Centered - Aug 2018

Note how Alexia quiets males into focused stillness.

Man Uncloths Woman

Denuded - May 2019

Passion's throes.

Woman Notches Another Lover

Conquest - Jul 2017

What is the female version of a cad?

Trysting Women

Conquest II - Jul 2020

Wait. Again ??

Woman Perched on Dining Table

Irresistable - Sep 2019

Care for an after-dinner mint?

Woman Greets in Doorway

Entry - Aug 2019

Uh oh, Garrett thought. Something's up.

Semi-Nude Man at Window

Showing Off - Jun 2017

After a month, Shirley springs for binoculars.

Woman Behind Sheer Sheet

Hamlet - Feb 2018

Are you sure you have to leave?

Woman Sitting in Doorway

Door Stop - Jan 2019

That outfit also stops hearts.

Woman in Doorway Variant

Door Stop II - Jun 2022

An updated, larger variant

One Woman Welcomes Another

Double Take - Oct 2019

Keesana wanted to make a grand entrance. Shelby wanted to give a warm welcome.

Two Woman Prepare to Bathe

Craving - Aug 2020

Woman Taken as Submissive

Harnessed - Nov 2017

Woman in Dungeon

Harnessed II - Sep 2021

Two Entangled Nude Women.

Bonded - Apr 2018

Two Tangled Nude Women.

Entangled - Sep 2022

Two Woman Prepare to Bathe

Disrobe - Jul 2019

Catwoman as Stripper

Clandestine - Aug 2019

The perfect disguise. Catwoman's other job

Woman Posed as Photo

Illusory - Sep 2019

The disappearing gap between real and digital

Woman Takes Man Upstairs

la Chambre - May 2018

Who says women can't lead?

Two Women in Joint Pose

Mated - Jan 2018

Two Women in Dual Pose

Mated II - Updated Oct 2020

Woman in Shawl

Grip - March 2020

Woman in Wind Blown Scarf

Blown Away - May 2018

What a fortunate and random gust of wind!

Woman in Shawl and Heels

Blown Away - Jul 2021

Woman Sends Selfie

Modernity - Feb 2019

Woman in Sweater

Roomy - Apr 2020

Woman on Couch

Prone - Sep 2020

Woman Seen Through Window

Peep - Dec 2018

Woman Poised to Expose

Pull - Feb 2021

Woman Displays Assets

Advert Blanc - Aug 2020

Truth in Advertising

Woman Displaying Assets

Advert Noir - Aug 2020

More truth

Two Women in Moonlight

Moon Children - Feb 2018

Model in Jail Cell

Confined - Sep 2018

Confining Delilah just makes her defiant.

Woman's Long Hair

Mentor - Oct 2020

I leave it to the viewer to decide who is who

Two-Woman Seduction

Tension - Jan 2020

Woman Prowling for Clients

Prowling - Aug 2020

Whenever she needed a little extra cash, Flynn would go to Dominique's where she would not have long to wait before a Docile made an offer

Preparatory Poses

Preamble - Aug 2018

Two Woman in Garden

Vino del Pomeriggio - Oct 2020

Or mutual admiration society

Post Coital Reflection

Aftermath - May 2020

Nothing moved in the dawn light. Sunrise found him gone as he had promised. Quiet draped everything. And nothing moved. Except her body. It still tingled.

Woman Awaits Lover's Return

The Gift - Mar 2018

Dejection gripped Jason as he pushed open his apartment door. On his birthday, he hadn't heard a word from his girlfriend.

Woman Atop Hot Tub

Transfixed - Nov 2017

Woman Removing Top

Transfixed - Nov 2020

Woman Resting on Rug

Rug Burns - Aug 2020

Woman on Couch

Side Show - Feb 2021

Woman and her Hand

Selfie - Feb 2021

Titian, one of the Late Renaissance's great masters, created the wall painting in 1534 as a gift to the Duke of Camerino, Giudobaldo della Rovere, commemorating his marriage to Giulana Varano. Giulana was quite pleased.

Woman Enjoys a Book

Inside In - July 2020

International sex symbol, Keesana, enjoys her bookish moments

Woman and her Dog

Canine Priorities - Dec 2020

Woman Offers Herself

Dessert - Feb 2021

Woman Posed With Shawl

The Wife - Jun 2021

This is the last known picture (a collector's item) taken by famed photographer Forrest Blake in his brand new studio built as an add-on to his home. Just as the camera snapped, his wife walked in.

Woman in Off Shoulder Robe

Masked - Feb 2020

Mother Nature's Daughter

Daughter Nature - Apr 2021

Mother was not too happy when seeing this. She had told Daughter to plant Tulips not Hibiscus

Woman in Leather Chair

Frontal Assault - Aug 2021

Woman Posed in Car

CoPilot - Jul 2020

Woman WIth Back Turned

Exhibitionist - May 2019

I stirred, opened my eyes, and held my breath, afraid to disturb the moment.

Woman in Sheer Cover

Hand Held - Jan 2018

Provocative Librarian

The Librarian - Jan 2021

It is every imager's solemn duty to have at least one scene in their portfolio that perpetuates the librarian mythos

Female Best Friends

BFF's - Jan 2021

Woman Lowering Shawl

Belle Blue - Apr 2021

Man Offers Woman Jewelry

Barter - Jun 2021

"Take what you want."
"I intend to take it all"
"So do I."

Two Women Buy a Home

Fixer Upper - Nov 2021

Two Women at Mausoleum

Graveyard Shift - Nov 2021

Woman in Low-Fitting Jeans

Flashy - Nov 2021

Woman Grabbed by the Hair

Manned - Mar 2019

Model in Steam

MannedII - Aug 2022

A Child Care Provider

Au Pair - Dec 2021

Anticipation had me on a razor’s edge as my attention returned again and again to the living room entrance. When it opened, the slow, deliberate heel clicks across the tiles spoke of a self-confidence that belied her youth. At our first meeting, her eyes had bored into mine, conveying an unmistakable understanding: she would let me do anything I wanted to her and she dared me to do so. “I’ll be in Spain for two weeks. Will you miss me?”

She gave me a half-smile, all the while unbuttoning her shirt. I marveled again at her self-confidence wrapped within child-like innocence. The astonishing body I could not get enough of had one purpose: sin. I reached out to caress a silk- smooth thigh, my fingers tingling with passions about to unleash.

The Au Pair never answered her Mistress’ question. She would not be missed. The husband's attentiveness ensured it.

Woman Makes Early AM Visit

Two-thirty-one AM - Jul 2021

So, you're in for the night, been a long day, you're dead asleep, the doorbell chimes.

Exhausted Woman Falls Out

Double Vision - Feb 2022

Exhausted Woman Falls Out

Collapse - Nov 2021

She never made it. Friday night loomed and she showered, shaved, blow-dried, ate, made-up, dressed, perfumed. Then the week caught up with her. She never made it.

Female in Mini Skirt

Uplifting - Dec 2021

A Self-Confident Woman

Haughty - Jan 2022

"I knew you would."
"You knew I would what?"
"Come back for more."

Model Silhoutted

Back Lit - Jun 2021

Woman Interrogated

Wanted - Mar 2022

It had to be mistaken identity. Alina had never done anything more serious in her life than double park. In defiance, she turned toward the one-way window.

Valentine Treat

Lupercalia - Feb 2022

Model in Steam

Factory Setting - Nov 2021

Female Partially Draped

Double Back - Apr 2022

Female Sunning

Sun Spots - Apr 2022

Model on all Fours

Lithe - May 2022

Female Takes Call

Interrupted - May 2022

"He is what voice mail is for."

2 Seated Females

Twosome - Jun 2022

A Birthday Gift for Whom?

Whose? - Jul 2022

"Happy Birthday, sweetheart." But whose birthday is it?

Antonia in Sitting Pose

Curtain Call - Jun 2022

Personal Catwalk

Chain Reaction - Apr 2022

It has become a game between us. I tell her to slip into something more comfortable and have no idea what will return.

Two Beauties Amid Ferns

Plant Life - Aug 2022

Woman Presents Herself

Confronted - Aug 2022

Woman Commands an Undress

Submission - Jul 2022

"Now. Take off your pants."

Two Women in Heated Moment

Tableau - Jul 2022

Beauty in White

WhiteHot - Aug 2022

Beauty in Slum Alley

Beautification - Feb 2022

Woman's Back Yard

Lunar - Nov 2022

Renaissance Revisited

Contrasts - Sep 2022

Woman Attracts Another

Antecedent - Nov 2022

Woman Near a Balcony

Hi-Rise - Nov 2022

Wiccan Preps for Entry

Night In - Nov 2022