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Man Pours Bourbon

Bourbon - Feb 2018

Woman Posed Topless

Aqua - Jan 2019

Woman in Sheer Scarf

Contrast - Nov 2018

Woman Bathes Nude

Bath Noir - Mar 2019

Across the way on the 88th floor, male staffers have invested in binoculars.

Woman Posed before Cracked Wall

Cracked - Dec 2018

Alina is a touchy feely kind of gal.

Woman Posed in Armchair

Cozy - Nov 2018

That shawl made Keenya a little...warm.

Two Women Posed Nude

Exposed - Sep 2018

Two Women Bathed in Light

Bathed - Jun 2020

Two Women Posed Nude in BW

Exposed BW - Sep 2018

Nude Woman Posed on Dais

Dais - Feb 2019

Nude Woman Posed Back to Camera

#ffffff - Jul 2019

#ffffff is the hexadecimal value used in graphics for the color white

Nude Woman Posed in Fog

Gray Area - May 2019

Nude Woman Models Grandmother

Genealogy - Aug 2021

At last, the box wrapped with great care, opened. I stared long and hard, the sadness of my father's passing suspended. In an instant, I understood the descriptions of my grandmother as euphemisms: original, ahead-of-her-time, daring, bold, unafraid. A self-confident woman, who had never suffered fools well.
Also inside, a book wrapped in cloth. A diary. Grandmother's. One sentence graced its first page. "If you are not going to die for me, you are not going to tell me how to live." The rest of Dad's belongings could wait. The painting and diary had to come home.

A month on and I wonder why my father, though he spoke of her often and with great affection, kept his mother hidden? Did her nudity embarrass him? Was he protective of my innocence? How ironic. The grandmother I never knew is the woman I've become.

Horizontal Nude

Horizontal - Sep 2018

Admirer of Horizontal Nude

Languid - Mar 2019

Horizontal B&W Nude

Horizontal BW - Sep 2018

Man Transfixed by Bum

Mesmerized - Apr 2018

King Presented Gifts

Metaphorical - Jul 2019

King Presented Gifts

Savor - Sep 2018

Witch Descends on Broomstick

Flight Risk - Feb 2019

Woman Asleep

Goodnight - Nov 2018

Woman in Sheer Shawl

Gray Area - May 2019

Nude Woman in Chair

Ornamental - Oct 2018

Veiled Woman

Mortem - May 2020

Veiled Woman 2

Post Mortem - May 2020

Studio Posed

Au - Sep 2019

Woman in Window Light

Ray Tracing - Jul 2020

Woman Half-Robed

Sidelined - Dec 2020

Woman on Platform

Languorous - Apr 2021

Woman Mirrored

Quadrantal - Nov 2022

Long Legs and Boots

Leg Room - Nov 2021

Woman Needng her Husband

Need - Jul 2021

He loved his family. Loved her. Worked to house and feed them. Worked hard. Nightfall brought him home exhausted. And on the seventh day he would rest. She wanted to waken him. Needed to.

A Two-Woman Tryst

Torsos - Sep 2021

A Two-Woman Tryst

Envy - Mar 2022

This image started out as a light experiment. One thing led to another and before I knew it, badda-bing badda-boom, this popped out. Who knew imaging could be so dangerous?

Woman's Breast through a glass

Curvatures - Dec 2018