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Demon Realtor

Homebound - Oct 2018

"Honey? Honey where are you? This isn't funny anymore." They never suspected the Real Estate Agent who sold them their dream home.

Comforting a Dying Friend

Aftermath - Oct 2017

Comforting a dying friend.

Demons Flock to Feed

The Gathering - Aug 2017

Sleep had commenced and the gathering began. Soon they would feed.

Demoness Fondles Skull

The Collector - Jan 2019

It always made for a sentimental moment. Each of her paramours had been unique and distinct. Differences lost in the sameness of their skulls.

Vampire and Werwolf conflict

Back Alley - May 2017

An ancient need and an ancient war.

Man Sells Soul to Devil

The Deal - Jun 2018

He'd sold his soul for wealth, fame, and power. Now the bill had come due.

Man Approaches Demoness

Pretense - Apr 2019

He'd met her only hours before and now she sat naked on his couch. Jason crossed the room; desire tingled every nerve. His ardor died when a tail wiggled into view. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

Woman Tempts Demon

Fearless - May 2021

I leave it to the viewer to decide who the fearless one is

Werwolf Stalks Woman

Back Yard - May 2017

Power is out, cell towers down, and a Werwolf shows up.

Woman Desires Werewolf

Beastial - Jun 2017

Lust overcomes many things. Even fear.

Woman Confronts Feeding Vampyr

Caught - Dec 2017

Jack the Ripper

Jack - Jul 2019

Jack licked his lips and stepped from the shadows. The street's wooden planks creaked beneath the soft leather of his shoes. She turned and gave him a smile. An inviting smile.

Jack had no idea the brothel of his fifth victim had sent their own psychopath. Jack was never found. Because there is no Jack left to find.

Demoness Seeks Prey

Soul Searching - Nov 2017, update Dec 2022

Woman's Lover Races Nearer

Vengeance² - Oct 2019

I hung your sisters to lure you here, Rezna. Do not fear the rope. You I will eat.

Woman Unaware of Werewolf

Heedless - Jun 2018

Man Corners Werewolf

Damnation - Apr 2017

An early piece.

Woman Lies in Wait

Beast - Jan 2019

A clawed hand reached the corner, tentative, probing. Surely it has detected my scent, Natalya thought. She tensed. Her moment had arrived. For retribution. For vengeance.

Jaw muscles stretched as fangs emerged. Fingers twitched from sprouting claws. A cold breath whispered past hushed lips. "Come, Iakko. I am your fate."

Woman With Pet Panther

Companion - Aug 2019

Woman Hunts with Panthers

Ambush - Apr 2018

In the jungle, beasts don't always have four legs.

Model and Panther Posed

Emerald - Dec 2018

Bather Detects a Werewolf

Deep End - Jul 2019

A faint scent wrinkled Rasia's nose. Slow, calm, she turned to her maiden. "Listen to me, Miriam. Listen very carefully. We are in mortal danger. Right now it is assessing if I am armed. I stupidly left my weapons inside. When I say go, we must leap into the pool's deep end. We'll be safe."

Eyes wide, Miriam struggled not to shake. Strange things constantly surrounded this deadly woman. "What kind of danger, m'Lady?" "We are betrayed, Miriam. It is a wolf. A wolf that stands on its hind legs."

Vampire Caught by Hunter

Caught - Dec 2016

An okay early effort.

Vampire Abandons Drained Feed

Drained - Nov 2017

Another romantic, starry-eyed admirer of Vampires falls victim to the reality.

Vampyr Closes on Female

Predator - Apr 2018

Man and Dragon Intersect

The Collision - Dec 2018

Coren stepped outside careful to place his feet and make no sound. If it was that prowler again, this time he would face the blade.

Iaka's silent footfall belied her ponderous bulk.

Human scent filled her nostrils. She stepped closer, wanted to capture it alive. Her young needed to learn the chase. And eat.

Man Corners Werewolf

Cornered - Jul 2017

Character from Novelette Accursed

Maila Dragonrider - May 2019

A stylized interpretation of a character in the novelette 'Accursed' available for free on the Library page.

Demons Capture Victim

Repast - Oct 2017

Halloween homage.

Witch Ignites Finger Flame

Flammable - Oct 2018

Halloween homage.

Witch Commands Finger Aflame

Witchy Woman - Oct 2019

Halloween homage.

Women Attacked by Mnnster

Fight or Flight - Jun 2018

A moment of decision that will reveal character

Man Defends Dragon Friend

Friend in Need - Dec 2018

Archer Attackked by Dragon

Futility - Sep 2019

Woman Encounters Home Intruders

Home Intruders - Aug 2017

Mother Cages Wer Son

Howl - Jul 2017, updated Dec 2020

Every month her already broken heart shattered anew. His hand pressed hers tighter. Please, please, she thought. Don't let this be a struggle. Resigned, he stepped in, his expression the look of a child unable to comprehend he could hurt his mother. She strained against the gush of tears threatening to burst. Locking the door, her sobs let go.

At the hallway's end, his siblings huddled. Wide-eyed, trembling. He would hurt them too though they had escaped the horror she shared with their brother. His plaintive wails reverberated off the walls. "Why, mommy? Why?" Before they exited, the howls began.

Werewolf Consumes Victim

Hunger - Jul 2017

Woman Desperate to Open Door

Jammed - Jan 2018

Daiyu had long known the door needed oiling

Wer Mother Rescuues Offspring

Rescued - Oct 2017

Huuntress Stalked by Bat

Neck Hairs - Dec 2017

A primordial early warning system

Demoness Wags Tail

Wag - Aug 2019

Woman's Lover Races Nearer

Impending - Feb 2018

Through half-open eyes she watched her lover race closer. A quickened pulse surged heat through her enflamed body. But why did he have a sword?

Dimensional Gate

Brooding - Nov 2018

Rezna hated ambuguity. Lately though she found herself paralyzed for hours. Knowing she had to feed. Unable to decide if man or woman.

Man Descends into the Pit

Descent - Jul 2018

Man Condemned to the Pit

Descent II - Update Dec 2021

As another charred and burnt soul, condemned for their evil acts descends into the Pit, Lucifer's daughter ponders the irony. Her parent, the source of all evil, continues with impunity.

Woman Senses Demonic Presence

Lured - Apr 2019

They cast no reflections and moved about silent as the night but a putrid, decaying stench filled the room. Time to even the odds. A sharp puff snuffed the candle.

De-winging of Angel

De-Winged - Mar 2018

He did not summon many. Nor often. And she had once been a favorite. As Araqiel bowed before the Lord Lucifer, a low, sharp gasp escaped her. My wings!

Angel Slays Demon

Wicked - Jul 2019

The line between good and evil is thin indeed.

Countess and Vampyr

The Mistake - Jul 2017

Countess and Vampyr Update

The Mistake - Dec 2021 Update

He was handsome, urbane, sophisticated, charming, and his every pore oozed power. And though she may have had other plans inviting him to her home, when he placed his hand on her shoulder and she looked in the mirror, dismay not horror filled her. Her Head of Household must have overlooked having the mirror properly cleaned. Poor, little, rich girl.

Vampyr and Victim

Spigot - Oct 2018

Unlike ridiculous Hollywood portrayals and Netflix nonsense, Vampyrs prefer to hang their victims upside down. The numbing effect minimizes jerking about and when biting in, it's like opening a spigot.

Should you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, don't scream. It only whets their appetite.

a Woman's Demon

Snatched - Jul 2020

She enjoyed her demon's captures. Strong, virile, defiant. It made breakig them more satisfying. As they caught on to her needs, they became eager, enthusiastic. When finished, she left them drained, spent, ravished. Then the demon returned. To eat.

Tarzan's Daughter

Tarzana - Jul 2020

I like to imagine were Edgar Rice Burroughs alive today, Tarzan would have a daughter.

Wer Reflects Before Battle

Solace - Aug 2020

Like soldiers of every place and every age, Gramoud had risen early to prepare, reflect and catch the morning's first rays. The call had gone out. Invaders threatened mates, pups, and dens. And on the battlefield, the Fates might decide he had seen his last morn. If so, he would remember how the dawn had warmed his face.

Satan's Gardener

The Gardener - Apr 2021

Yes. Perdition has a gardener. And a helper.

Womam Confronted by Wer

Trembling - Nov 2020

He had swept her off her feet. His intriguing charm. His worldly elegance. Sparkling gray eyes that blazed and penetrated. The richness of his laugh. As if at a joke only he knew the punch line of. And now she had nowhere left to run. Nowhere left to hide. Only prayer remained.

Satan's Gardener

The Sentry - Nov 2020

Natalya's door always remained open.

Red Riding Hood and Nemesis

Hood - Jun 2021

Curious what these two are up to? Read 'Accursed', their illustrated novelette availale as a free PDF on this site's Library page

Female Demon in Pool

Water Foul - Jul 2021

While it is far too late for this poor soul, let us all be reminded. Demons can lurk anywhere.

Witch Sheltered by Dragon

Dry - Dec 2021

Delilah was a real pro during this shoot. As everyonr knows, dragons have a god-awful stench when they get wet.

Wolf Stalks Sleeping Woman

Lupus - Jan 2022

Where does fate end and irony begin?

Born in the town of Greenwood, its good people thought Mora's birth and rise almost predictable. Her mother would tell the story of a smiling, gurgling, kicking child in her bassinet. Mora's mother would show wooden colored blocks, pronouncing each color's name with great care. Whenever she said green, Mora quieted and stared with focused attention.

Growing up, Mora would ignore dolls and crayons to spend time paying loving attention to the plants and flowers throughout the house. With each passing year, frequent trips into the forest abutting the town, brought back wild flora which flourished and transformed her home into a wondrous garden. Where others made extra money babysitting, Mora cared for the townfolks' ailing plants, returning them to vibrant health and vivid color.

And when outside developers arrived with grandiose plans to expand the town's development into the forest, Mora single-handedly went door-to-door reminding everyone the beautiful and wondrous forest was Mother Nature's gift to them. In a near unanimous vote, Greenwood sent the developers to seek profit elsewhere. And so to no one's surprise, Mora went to University seeking to become a Botanist. On summer breaks she would return to check on her neighbor's plants free of charge and spend time wandering in her beloved forest, refreshed and renewed by the natural order of things.

Until the day when the sun rose and Mora had still not returned. Everyone rushed to form search parties, calling her name, and hearing only echoes. Trees stood in mute silence. Months passed until playing children rushed back, crying they had found bones.

Witch with Hell Hounds

Mordana - May 2022

Their arrival did nothing to disturb the silence. A crow cawed once, twice. As one the night birds rose, flapping wings swooping toward the imminent dawn. The hounds spread out, their postures and behaviors giving no indication anyone lurked about. She tilted her nose upward, scenting the air, confirming no one remained. Eyes narrowing, a slow gaze stopped at the soaring Witches Post. Brazen, she thought. How better to hide as witches than to warn against them.

Her eyes continued taking in the village's strange architecture. How long had they been here? She had never been to this part of the realm. Far flung and desolate, nothing grew here. Then again, a perfect hiding place for witches.

When the Queen Regent summoned her to relay the continuing trauma of missing children both had suspected, but not voiced, witches might be about. Brazen indeed. They might have continued here undetected had they not ventured into neighboring ga​lères.She pulled the reins hard. Two hounds had stiffened, neck hairs bristling. The rest ceased investigating, staring into the still dark woods.

Her timing had been perfect. Returning from their nightly acts of debauchery and unspeakable perversions, they would be slow, sated, and spent. Mere moments separated them from the horror of onrushing hounds driven by blood lust. A smile creased her lips. She too needed to feed. Narrowed eyes penetrated the darkness. I am Mordana. Sorceress. Witch Slayer.

Woman Posed with Jaguars

Savage - Mar 2020

A promotional shot for Antonia's starring role in the upcoming feature film titled 'Jungle Cat'.

Woman Riding Huge Panther

Stealth - Mar 2022

A Woman and her Panther

Catty - Jun 2022

Vampyr on Staircase

The Vampyr's Wife - Oct 2021

As the crew set up the shot, I noted her melancholic expression but could not tell if it was because of her marriage, life, or both. I did not dare ask her.

Damsel in Demonic Distress

Urgency - Jun 2022

The men of that age were quite brave but I'm not sure how much good that sword will do.

Angel Killer in Inn

The InnKeeper - Jan 2022

An after-hours visit by an angel killer.

Vampyr Offers Blood

Hospitable - Jul 2022

Werewolf Mirror Reflection

Mirror Image
concept/design 2015
by Rafael